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What Skills Are Required To Be An HVAC Technician?

In the HVAC industry, employers seek well-educated and trained HVAC technicians. Amateur technicians may not understand the complexity of work, and that may cause further damage to the systems. So, if you are starting your career as an HVAC technician, it is important to build your resume well. You can take up HVAC training classes in Glendale, CA if you live there. Apart from that, several companies also train you before they let you work in the field.

However, it’s always preferable to look for HVAC training courses nearby to train and orient into the industry as a professional technician while applying for jobs.

Here are some skills that are essential for a budding HVAC technician!

Education Background And Experience

Your educational background plays an important role when you seek jobs. Since education is a primary requirement, make sure you highlight it first. You can list the name of the trade school, your GPA, how long you have been trained, and your experience in the HVAC field. An employer is always seeking a trained and experienced technician who has secured good grades in their school.

You can also list jobs and apprenticeships that you took up for gaining experience. Take up training classes in Glendale, CA, to boost your confidence. Confidence is also important for cracking interviews!

Certifications And Credentials

Different regions may ask for different mandatory certifications. For instance, you might need EPA Section 608 Certification to comply with the Clean Air Act. The Environmental Protection Agency mandates this certification for all HVAC technicians to test their knowledge in dealing with refrigerants and what steps they take to prevent refrigerant pollution. Therefore, you should look for proper HVAC training courses nearby. You can also take up some additional tests apart from training classes in Glendale, CA, which will boost your chances of getting a job.

Technical And Practical Skills

Searching for an “HVAC training course near me” can help you gain experience in several areas. It will also help you tackle real-life situations. As an HVAC technician, you should:

  • Possess installation and troubleshooting skills for heating and cooling systems
  • Fix a problem after knowing its source
  • Use tools safely
  • Know how to deal with work keeping environment protection in mind
  • Install individual parts
  • Maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Prevent hazardous situations and so on!


You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge about HVAC systems and legal rules as well. Training classes in Glendale, CA can boost your technical knowledge. You should know:

  • Safety procedures in case of dangerous situations
  • Building codes and safety regulations to work safely
  • Deciding whether replacement or repairs are beneficial for the customer
  • Having a general knowledge about the functioning of the systems

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