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What Should A Technician Check First If An Air Conditioner Does Not Work?

With summer at its peak, air conditioners work hard to produce cool air. The hot and humid temperature demands the unit to run harder, resulting in the unit breakdown and replacement of the parts.

It is always an imperative choice to identify the signs of trouble and work towards it immediately. Expert technicians are trained and certified by air conditioning training schools to inspect the unit. Certain things that they check are:


It is the core component of the air conditioning system. It fails when the machine is not maintained on a routine basis. So whenever the conditioner stops working, it is the first thing that needs to be checked.

Lack of lubrication is one of the greatest causes of compressor failure. It overheats and fails to compress the refrigerant to cool the air. It can even damage the other parts of the unit.

Compressor failure requires replacement. Technicians certified by the air conditioner technician school know how to replace and install the new compressor quickly.

Electrical Controls

With time, the electrical connections and control wear out. Broken connections can also stop the unit from functioning. Technicians check whether all the wires and electrical sockets are intact.

Frayed connections can affect the efficiency of conditioners and are also a sign of potential fire hazards. Get it checked by expert technicians today as part of their spring cleaning to minimize the risk of getting electrocuted.

Fan Motor

Technicians in air conditioning training schools are trained to check the blower motor and ensure it is free of dirt and dust. If it even gets a thin layer of dust on its surface, it can overheat, leading to burnout and system failure.

Motors work extensively to produce cool air, and lack of maintenance can hinder its function. The cleaner fan motor acts as a rescue and reduces air conditioner breakdowns during the summer.

Drain Lines

Another important issue checked by the experts from the air conditioner technician school is the condensate drain line. They inspect and clean the drain line to ensure no obstruction in the flow of air.

As air conditioners cool, water vapor gets condensed and flows down the condensate line to the sewer connection. Often, mold growth blocks the lines, disturbing their flow and efficiency. To eliminate any blockage, the technicians clean the line to make it function.


Thermostats can also cause the unit to stop functioning if they are not calibrated correctly. A technician checks and makes necessary thermostat repairs.

Suppose you find the temperature inside the house and the thermostat are different. In that case, It might need to be recalibrated and set at the desired temperature on the thermostat for you to enjoy the hot summer days.

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