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What is HVAC Certification?

What is HVAC certification? Why does the customer want a certified HVAC technician? The word HVAC stands for ventilation, heating, and conditioning of air. The certificate confirms that the technician has completed the essential training and their skill can meet the industry’s standards. HVAC certification is needed in addition to the HVAC license.

The certificate shows that you are an expert in specific parts of the system and hold a certain knowledge level. To get more information about qualifications, you can search HVAC education near me for training and a better understanding. Setting up an HVAC system is difficult and can be hazardous to the technician and the residents if the technicians are not trained properly.

What Type of HVAC Certifications Are Available?

There are many types of certificates offered by the trading and professional society. Some certifications need a combination of subjects to pass while others require only one topic to pass, so be aware of it. These include:

  • HVAC EPA certification

It is one of the popular certifications and emphasizes that the technician can safely deal with, service, repair, and dispose of HVAC devices that could release harmful refrigerants like CFC into the atmosphere. Every HVAC technician must get EPA 608 certification in the United States.

  • NATE(North American Technical excellence certificate)

The North American Technical Excellence organization is the largest certification body for HVAC technicians. They cover refrigeration as an area of service, so it’s stated as HVAC-R.

  • HVAC Excellence Certification

It is a nonprofit organization with similar goals as NATE. It focuses on increasing the technical competency of a technician through education.

These are the few popular certifications recognized, and you can have HVAC training classes in Glendale, California.

Why do You Need to be HVAC Certified?

California law requires it to legally be licensed to perform heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work. The job possibilities of an HVAC technician may improve if certifications are available.

  • Paid more

A certified technician is always paid more than an uncertified one. The practical assessment and clients and employers can easily recognize the academic proficiency of a certified technician. They are willing to pay more for a good technician. You can find HVAC education near you to avail new opportunities.

  • Developing skills and knowledge

You will develop ample knowledge about the system and its science. You will also learn to analyze air quality, control mechanisms, and calculate humidity levels. Certifications allow you to know more about air conditioning, air distribution, commercial refrigeration, and evaluating efficiency.

  • More opportunities and clients

Big organizations and companies will recognize you when you are certified. You will get opportunities to work on large-scale projects. It will refine your abilities and get you more recognized in the job market. It helps you stand out more than uncertified technicians and bring out clients.


Clients and major companies recognize a technician certified by a major accredited organization. Certificates are needed along with a license to become a top HVAC technician in the competitive market. You can find HVAC training classes in Glendale, California. IHACI is one the leading companies to provide excellent training for becoming a certified HVAC technician.

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