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Message From The President

IHACI Members Represent the Very Best of the HVAC Industry

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I am honored to be serving a third term as President of IHACI. These next two years will be uniquely challenging for our industry. We face new flammable refrigerants in our equipment, regulatory changes and challenges, changing equipment lineups from manufacturers, and difficulties in keeping our teams staffed and trained. As we deal with these issues, of course, we have to take care of our customers, and how we do that is changing as well. As always IHACI will be doing all we can to help our industry move forward.

I am proud to have been active in this industry for over 40 years now and a member of IHACI for the entire time. Being a member of industry organizations like IHACI is critical to our success as HVAC technicians, contractors, and other players in our multi-billion dollar industry. We all need help, and we all need to work together to make the HVAC industry the best it can be.

I wish each of you a happy and successful 2024-2025!

IHACI’s president:

Best Regards,
Bob Wiseman