Is Becoming An HVAC Tech Worth It?

The HVAC industry is booming on account of more and more people installing the system. As per the statistics of the US energy information administration (EIA), about 87% of homes in the US have some sort of air conditioning. This massive user base heavily relies on service personnel who we call HVAC technicians. So much so is the importance of HVAC field workers that we can even call them the backbone of the industry.

That said, have you ever thought deeply about the profession of an HVAC technician? Won’t it be interesting to get an insight into the career of a technician? It is one of the highest-paying jobs despite not requiring a college degree. It all depends upon the training you receive and the skills you develop over years. Hence, let’s know if it’s time to look for HVAC schools near me and consider the career of HVAC technician.

HVAC – A Rapidly Growing Industry

Homeowners in the United States use HVAC more than people in other parts of the world. This figure continues to go upwards as more and more people are installing HVAC in their homes. Such massive consumption is the factor driving the growth of the HVAC industry. It is valued at $11.45 billion as per the report of 2020, expected to grow at a CAGR of 6%.

As might be expected, this growth spurt is giving way to employment opportunities. The demand for a skilled HVAC technician is higher than ever before, with terrific compensation. All that a person needs to do is to get the required training and certifications from a decent air conditioning training school. Going ahead, let’s talk about the reasons you should give a thought to pursuing the profession of HVAC technician.

No Monotonous Work Cultures

HVAC technicians perform field duties and each one is different from the previous. Every problem requires a specific solution, allowing you to learn and earn at once. Whereas many other professions do not have such a changing work environment. It is much better to do a job that presents you with new challenges and increases your skillset with every call. On the other hand, just sitting on a desk, repeating the same thing over makes working quite monotonous.

Choose Your Specialization

The HVAC technicians have the advantage of choosing which equipment they want to specialize in. For instance, some people are good at repair work of AC/Heating while others specialize in the installation. There are several air conditioning training schools offering dedicated training courses.

Be Your Boss

This service-oriented profession puts much value on your skills and expertise. Hence, you are not confined to work with a company always. After getting certifications and relevant experience, you can work as a freelance technician. In this way, one can earn as high as $73,000 per year.

Now knowing the perks, start looking for an HVAC school near me. Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc is your one-stop solution, making the search easier. They offer all kinds of training programs including prestigious NATE training. Dial (818) 551-1555.