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How Long Is The Ac Technician Course?

Do you want to become an AC technician, but you are worried about the time duration of the course? The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries (IHACI) is here to help you clarify your doubts regarding the training to become an AC technician.

Generally, there are three routes that you can take to become an AC technician before you become eligible to apply for an HVAC license. The route you take will determine the duration of time you need to invest in your qualification.

Job Training

One of the easiest and quick routes to become an ac technician is by initiating to work with an expert or experienced ac technician. That is If you already have a high school diploma. This would increase your practical technical knowledge and also give you an idea to work in actual circumstances.

Conduct a simple web search for HVAC companies in your area and refine the search according to your interest and convenience. This will get you a list of companies that perform the services you desire to learn. It’s an informal route to apply or not so professional, so you might need to start from the basics.

But improvement is for sure, in time you will move up to more important tasks. This route requires the learner’s approach at HVAC self-study courses simultaneously, and the length of your training will vary depending on the expert technician you are working with and self-study.

Apply For a Degree or Certification

If you are looking for a formal route and a systematic route, you could apply for a degree to get a certificate. You can conduct a web search for an HVAC school near me to enroll in a degree program at a college and attain certification. These courses are usually for 6 months to 2 years to complete. Most of these courses are a combination of class time and practical experience in labs to understand the techniques you will be applying in the company. Some of these programs will also offer you internships at various companies to gain job experience.

Complete an Apprenticeship

This can be the longest route to become a successful ac technician. You will find a lot of HVAC apprenticeship programs available from local HVAC associations. These apprenticeships will generally last for 3 to 5 years and is a combination of on-the-job training and classroom time. It’s a lengthy course that will cover everything you will require. A complete guide to AC System, starting from the basics to advanced classes.

Obtaining an HVAC Technician License

It is essential to have a license to become a qualified AC technician. Generally, most licenses will demand you to complete a training program or gain work experience of 2 to 5 years. To get the license, you will need to fulfill the requirements and pass the required examination.
3 classes of certification are:

  • Type 1 – Small appliances
  • Type 2 – High-pressure system
  • Type 3 – Low-pressure systems

The average duration of time to become an HVAC technician is 2 to 5 years, and it varies according to the route you choose. IHACI is an air conditioning training school with various courses, expert faculty, and ample training opportunities.

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