Guide To The Top Tools For HVAC Students (2022)

Not every student is aware that they will require handy tools to begin their training with. Each heating and cooling school provides a list of tools needed before the first day of the course. These tools range from absolute essential ones to just for showing off ones, which are not really necessary during the course.

As a student, when you further delve into the HVAC industry, make sure you are well-equipped with the most reliable tools. Regardless of whether you’re performing routine maintenance or are on a service call, you’ll need reliable and durable tools on hand at all times. The right guide will guard your requirements list.

You can use the HVAC technician tool list below for your reference, so you are always well-equipped.

The Top Tools For HVAC Students

Ensure that you have all of these essential tools ready before you start your preparations for training in heating and cooling school. Here’s more information about HVAC student tools to gather from the article.


Carpenter-style hammers are excellent tools to have on hand for students of heating and cooling schools. If you are an HVAC technician, you should have a lightweight hammer not to weigh down your tool belt.

Combination Wrench Set

A wrench has both an open end and a socket end in a combination wrench set. Wrenches are necessary to turn, tighten, and prevent nuts and bolts from going loose.

A combination wrench set is not the only tool HVAC students might need. They will need an Allen wrench set, a refrigeration wrench, or an open-ended wrench set.


Without a set of solid screwdrivers, no project is complete. It’s a good idea to have a variety of screwdrivers, both small and large, for unscrewing and screwing. An HVAC toolkit includes a plethora of items. To avoid electrocution, use screwdrivers with insulated handles.


A set of pliers is also crucial for heating and cooling school students. Besides wire-strippers, needle-nose pliers, channels-lock pliers, and open-face pliers, a good set of pliers should include needle-nose pliers. Needle nose pliers are used to grab wire while working on a thermostat. Choose a set that has insulated handles to prevent electrical shock.

Safety Glasses

Eye protection is essential from optical radiation, impact, chemicals, heat, and dust. If you work in dusty or dirty environments, anti-static lenses can prevent dust particles from binding to your lenses. You can avoid fogging your lenses if you work in high-humidity environments or if you sweat heavily.

Tape Measure

HVAC technicians must read tape measures accurately when measuring furnaces and air conditioners. A 25-foot tape measure is a must-have for HVAC technicians.

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