Message from the President

It is critically important that HVAC professionals remain united and committed to IHACI. Being a member of IHACI is the only assurance we have to remain competitive and address the issues that only HVAC professionals are aware of, such as the State of California’s continuing efforts to reshape the HVAC industry.

IHACI Membership Gives You an Edge. Join Today!

The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. is a nonprofit trade association of contractors, manufacturers, distributors, utilities, and related businesses actively engaged in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and sheet metal industries.

Formally incorporated in 1948, IHACI remains a progressive association dedicated to the education, promotion and growth of our industry.

The Benefits of Membership

Legislative Advocacy

IHACI champions its members’ interest in an array of legislative issues which demand constant and immediate attention. IHACI keeps members informed and armed with the information necessary to ensure that our industry’s voice is heard.

Education and Training

A top priority for IHACI. Services include technical training courses, close alliance with community colleges and vocational schools, and an ongoing commitment to develop and cultivate a labor pool of competent, skilled workers.

IHACI Members Receive

  • Education and Training
  • Indoor Comfort News (ICN): the West’s leading newsmagazine of the HVAC/R/SM industry.
  • Membership Directory
  • Group Legal Service: Through IHACI membership, expensive legal matters can be handled at a fraction of the cost by someone who understands your needs.
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Trade Shows
  • News Briefs
  • Insurance Referrals and Programs
  • Special Events
  • Unity through Membership Involvement
  • Entertainment Packages

Dues Structure

Contractors with:

  • $200 0-4 Employees
  • $265 5-10 Employees
  • $370 More than 10 Employees
  • $75 Affiliate Member*
  • $185 Associate Member
    (provide ancillary services to the HVAC/R/SM industry)
  • $395 Utility Member
  • $495 Manufacturer/Distributor/Supplier

* Non-voting classification; limited membership benefits. Intended for employees of current IHACI members, service technicians, installers, students, teachers,and building officials. Affiliate Member benefits include: Member rates; education and training (certificates of completion, if applicable); Indoor Comfort News; membership directory; legislative advocacy; entertainment packages, and more.

Join Today

For your convenience, we have provided the Membership application in PDF format that can be printed and mailed in with your payment. We encourage you to use the on-line application provided below to join IHACI as a new members. Thank you!

Download Membership Application

Membership Type

0-4 Employees5-10 EmployeesMore than 10 Employees

Affiliate MemberAssociate MemberUtility MemberManufacturer/Distributor/Supplier

Company Details


Firm Name

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ZIP Code

Phone #

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Code of Ethics

By being a member of the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. (IHACI),
you agree to subscribe to the following:

  I agree to the following terms:

  • to adhere to all regulations prescribed by all governmental agencies pertaining to our business.
  • to execute our business affairs fairly and equitably guided by principles of honesty and integrity.
  • to adhere to the policy of employing experienced and competent personnel.
  • to increase our efficiency through educational programs and contribute a portion of our time and thought to the advancement of our industry through our association.
  • to maintain the highest level of service and professionalism.